Save the date: ICS organises IT Architects Conference 2018

The Irish Computer Society’s (ICS) annual conference, the IT Architects Conference 2018, will take place at the Aviva Stadium on 21st September 2018.  

This year's topic is Digital Architecture, which encapsulates the core concepts of digital disruption and architecture, bringing together technology, processes and people. We recommend this conference to qualified IT architects, CIOs, and heads of IT staff.  

Attending this conference will give you an opportunity to hear of cutting edge developments and to network with speakers and like-minded delegates.  

For more information about the programme please check the event website or contact ICS at for registration and sponsorship packages.  

ICS has a broad membership base with members from a range of sectors within the profession. It runs a series of national annual conferences for IT societies within ICS. The conferences cover themes such as IT Leadership, IT Architecture, IT Service Management, Data Protection, Health Informatics, Public Sector and so on.   

Check out website for future events. 

European Conference on 'Digital Transformation and IT Professionalism' to be held November 2018 in Brussels

The Digital Capability Reference Framework (DIGIFRAME) will be presented at a conference to be held on 15 November in Brussels, which aims to help increase Europe's digital talent pool and the digital capabilities of enterprises. The event will highlight major themes addressing shortages of IT professionals and the digital maturity levels of enterprises and SMEs, with leading speakers and panellists participating. Currently, 200 experts from industry, education, government and associations from across Europe are set to attend.   

The initiative is run by Capgemini Consulting, IDC and Empirica, who have been awarded a service contract by the European Commission (Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs) to support its work in synergy with other relevant activities including those of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) on IT professionalism in Europe.   

ITPE to co-organise session on IT professionalism with Belgian technology association, 'Agoria', on October 25, 2018

On October 25, 2018, the Belgian association of technology companies, Agoria, will hold its annual event with a session dedicated to the digital transformation of industry and IT professionalism.  

CEPIS Secretary General, Austeja Trinkunaite, will discuss IT professionalism and introduce ITPE to Belgian stakeholders. Jutta Breyer, of the CEN European Committee for Standardisation, will present current developments and practical applicability of the e-CF. They will be joined by Jeroen Franssen from Agoria, who will provide the Belgian perspective on the challenges related to market digitalisation. His presentation will be based on a nation-wide survey that highlights current and future skills needed in the Belgian labour market.  

A total of 16 parallel sessions are planned for the event, which together aim to give a broad overview of the latest regulatory and standardisation developments at regional, national and European level. Entry for the session ‘Labour Market and Digitisation’ will be free for CEPIS and ITPE members - if you wish to attend, please contact the CEPIS secretariat for more information. Learn more about the session here.   

This event is scheduled in line with the ITPE Digital Competence Expert group’s meeting, which will take place in Brussels on 24 October.  

ITPE Digital Competence Expert Group Meeting to be held on October 24 in Brussels

The upcoming ITPE ‘Digital Competence Expert Group Meeting’ is set to be held on October 24 in Brussels. The session will focus on the benefits and challenges related to applying the European e-Competence Framework in practice, as well as the opportunities of the Erasmus+ programme for developing projects related to IT professionalism. As a follow-up to the last ITPE meeting in June, an update about the ongoing TC428 projects will also be presented.  

Mary Cleary of the Irish Computer Society will chair the event, which will begin with a welcome address by André Richier from the European Commission. Other speakers will include Harald De Vries, Programme Manager at Explain, Floor Scheffer, Senior Business Consultant at Tata Steel and Yazid Isli, Socio Director at Hominem.  

Celebrate IT Professionals Day on 27 April

This year, IT Professionals Day will take place on 27 April. IT Professionals Day is a celebration of the positive contribution that IT professionals make to both business and society. It gives IT professionals the occasion to recognise their worth and value, and the opportunity to support their own professional development by using their talents to improve society for everyone’s benefit. Organised since 2015 by the Irish Computer Society as part of their Tech Week initiative, it has now grown to become a pan-European initiative with the support of CEPIS, IT Professionalism Europe, the European Commission and the eSkills Malta Foundation.

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Half a Million ICT Jobs Will Still Be Vacant by 2020

A conference on "High-Tech and Leadership Skills for Europe" took place in Brussels on 26 January. It provided attendees with the latest estimated figures regarding the gap between supply and demand for IT professionals in Europe by 2020. It also highlighted the need for Europe to nurture leadership skills so that companies can make the most of new digital technologies.

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European Commission Launches Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

On 1 December 2016, the European Commission launched the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. Its main goal is to diminish the digital skills gap, thus boosting economy and helping Europeans improve their daily lives and careers. The European Commission is inviting all stakeholders to join the Coalition and take action to reduce the digital skills gaps in Europe.

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European Network Launched to Boost IT Professionalism and Digital Skills

Employers, service providers and many others focused on IT committed today to foster IT professionalism in Europe and bridge the digital skills gap to empower European business and society. Through the IT Professionalism Europe (ITPE) network launched by the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS), they agreed to work together to highlight the urgent need to improve IT professionalism, to ensure Europe benefits from the digital revolution.

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European e-Competence Framework Briefing in Greece

On 11 November 2016, CEPIS and the Hellenic Professional Informatics Society (HePIS) organised a European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) briefing in Athens, Greece, as part of the IT Professionalism Europe (ITPE) series of events on the e-CF. The event gathered 20 representatives from industry, such as Microsoft, ActionAid Hellas, Career Builder and Ulysses Systems.

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