ITPE conducts survey to gain perspectives of its members on IT professionalism

In Spring of this year, the ITPE secretariat sent out a consultation asking its members about their perspectives on IT professionalism, what the challenges are and how they believe it should be supported and developed. The responses highlighted that increased professionalism will help bridge skills gaps, build curricula, help IT professionals become more involved in strategic processes, define job profiles and contribute to flexible and effective business solutions.   

The mentioned obstacles preventing organisations from achieving IT professionalism goals included the lack of a ‘common language’ and awareness of available solutions, as well as the comprehensive internal changes that organisations need to make for adapting to new staff cultures and procedures. To address these challenges, promoting and implementing standards and frameworks (in particular the e-CF), as well as raising awareness about IT professionalism, ensuring organisational transformation and also active engagement from IT professionals themselves in seeking training and available resources to improve, are key initiatives.   

For more details on the consultation, please go to the survey’s page.