Half a Million ICT Jobs Will Still Be Vacant by 2020

The "High-Tech and Leadership Skills for Europe" conference took place in Brussels on 26 January. It provided attendees with the latest estimated figures regarding the gap between supply and demand for IT professionals in Europe by 2020, now down to 500,000, partly due to a greater number of IT professionals entering the job market from higher education and vocational training. Recent findings suggest that both the highest skills category (ICT management, architecture and analysis jobs) and the lowest (ICT mechanics and servicers) have seen considerable gains in employment over the last five years, whereas mid-level skills, especially at associate and technician level, have seen little change. The conference highlighted the need for Europe to nurture leadership skills so that companies can make the most of new digital technologies. A conservative growth scenario found that Europe needed to generate almost 400,000 additional innovation leaders by 2025. Failure to do so would leave companies with unfilled vacancies or crucial positions occupied by ill-equipped managers.

The conference presentations are available online