Launch of the ICT Certification Map Initiative in Spain

The ICT Certification Map is an initiative undertaken to implement the European ICT Professional Framework. It is led by CCII (Spanish General Council of Informatics Engineering).

The overall objective is to improve the knowledge, comprehension, utilization and value of ICT Certifications for individuals (specialization, career development, etc.) and organizations (ICT companies, companies using ICT, professional associations, certification offices, recruitment companies, public administrations, etc.).

The specific goal is to create a “visualization” tool (a map) of ICT certifications, based on the construction of an ICT certifications database. An Open Data approach will be used, so that its evolution and usage will be made publicly to all interested parties. The map is built from contributions from professionals in the sector and companies, certification offices, and other stakeholders concerned with ICT certifications. It will especially include the most widespread, valued and relevant certifications, for both professionals and the sector.

This tool will be built incrementally. The first version of the ICT Certification Map will be developed in Spain as a pilot project, mainly including professional certifications. Other certifications, such as user certifications, will be an objective for future versions.

The map and the certifications database will initially include a profile for each certification, and will be published following open data standards. Other parties will then be able to build tools to query or visualize the information contained in the map.

In the current pilot approach, CCII has used a Spanish and English basic web page and survey for data collection, available at

In this first phase of the ICT Certification Map, the Fondazione Politecnico di Milano is cooperating to extend it to other countries, and Fundación CTIC is helping with the launch of the pilot in Spain.

José García Fanjul, CCII Board member and coordinator of the project, said “This initiative will provide a very interesting tool for professionals, companies, certification organizations, universities and the whole sector and society in the field of a better knowledge, use and value of the certification ecosystem.”

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