European ICT Professionalism Framework Moves Ahead in Spain

Spain was one of three pilot countries, together with Ireland and Italy, for the development of the European ICT Professionalism Framework.  A workshop took place in Madrid on 13 December. It aimed to:

  • provide information on the initiative in Europe and in Spain;
  • present the actions undertaken in Spain to implement the European ICT Professionalism Framework in 2016;
  • initiate a debate with Spanish stakeholders in order to obtain their contributions in defining an action plan for 2017.

The event was promoted by CCII (Spanish General Council of Informatics Engineering) and AENOR (Spanish Standardization Organization) with the support of eSkills-For-Jobs, AMETIC, CODDII, CONCITI, Capgemini Consulting, IDC, EY and Madrid City Council.

Two standards were officially presented:

  • UNE-EN 16234-1, the Spanish version of the European standard EN 16234-1. “e-Competence Framework (e-CF) - A common European Framework for ICT Professionals in all industry sectors - Part 1: Framework”;
  • CCII-N2016-02, a national technical standard, promoted by CCII, in the field of documentation of informatics engineering projects conception and management.

As a result of this workshop, CCII collected a set of 19 action proposals and a priority evaluation, in order to define the 2017 roadmap for actions to implement the ICT Professionalism Framework in Spain.

Juan-Pablo Peñarrubia, CCII President, said after the workshop that “CCII will keep the commitment on leading and promoting ICT Professionalism maturity in Spain, in an open participatory conception and evolution in order to ensure the orientation to the needs and visions of the Spanish stakeholders and the whole society.”

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