IT Professionalism Europe (“ITPE”) is a network of organisations who are committed to furthering IT professionalism in Europe.  

IT professionalism encompasses not only competence development, skills frameworks and standards (the e-CF is a strong component of this) but also key topics such as education and training (certification, qualifications, continuous professional development), professional ethics and bodies of knowledge. 

ITPE highlights the need to implement pragmatic solutions for the advancement of IT professionalism, in order to drive its development in a responsible manner. It ensures that its members get the latest insights on the benefits and challenges that various tools, such as the European e-Competence Framework, can provide in managing IT staff. 

Membership benefits: 

ITPE Seminar Series

ITPE, with its member organisations, will hold a series of informational seminars in various countries around Europe.  These seminars will reach out to new audiences to inform attendees regarding IT Professionalism and the e-CF. The purpose of each seminar is:  

  • To promote IT professionalism and in particular the e-CF and other skills frameworks.
  • To educate participants on the e-CF, IT Professionalism and related tools and services
  • To connect participants with a cohort of like-minded individuals who care about IT professionalism.
  • Provide existing members of ITPE with the option to join these national seminars if they wish.

ITPE members will have the opportunity to both participate in and host an ITPE seminar. Participation is on invitation.

Information Services

ITPE offers its members access to valuable information on up-to-date issues and developments regarding the latest on IT professionalism. This includes insights and guidance on the benefits and challenges that tools, such as the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF), can provide in recruiting and managing IT staff. 

ITPE members will get information on e-CF based tools and services that can help them in managing IT staff. This allows employers to revamp IT staff appraisal and recruitment processes, and IT employment and staffing agencies to better implement matching, training and recruitment processes. In addition, members can disseminate their activities to just the right target audience.

ITPE also provides support to members to allow them to understand this complex environment. It will compile best practice guidance to support the improvement of IT talent management. In addition, areas of high demand will be identified, to help those interested in becoming IT practitioners to make educated decisions.

ITPE will also provide members with EU policy and funding updates. Members will receive this information through newsletters and newsflashes.


ITPE will develop a 1-2 day training programme to provide practical guidance on how to implement the e-CF in a company. The Seminar Series will enable us to gauge the level of interest in using the e-CF. The training will be offered to ITPE members and non-members.


ITPE will provide a forum for members to network and exchange ideas and best practices, and facilitate discussions on issues of common interest. Tapping into a network will offer members the possibility to obtain advice and expertise on challenges and opportunities that others may have already dealt with. ITPE will also provide its members with the possibility to engage in initiatives of mutual interest. Topics such as professional ethics, or the e-CF applied to HR, can be discussed. Experts, either members of ITPE or external, would facilitate the workshops. The aim of these workshops is to obtain a concrete deliverable by the end of the meeting.

Origins of ITPE

ITPE is an initiative of the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS),  a non-profit organisation seeking to improve and promote a high standard among informatics professionals in recognition of the impact that Informatics has on employment, business and society. CEPIS represents 33 Member Societies in 32 countries across greater Europe.

CEPIS has established ITPE in order to bring together organisations who are interested in and committed to furthering IT professionalism in Europe. ITPE will promote best practice in IT professionalism, providing information and promoting the wide variety of tools, services and certifications that contribute to managing IT staff. 

Given the central role of IT today, the risks posed to society and economies by low levels of professionalism dictate that steps be taken to mature the IT profession. In order to do so, it is essential that organisations be able to recruit and develop suitable employees, and maintain appropriate levels of competences, by exploiting the various tools available to successfully manage IT staff.