It is no secret that almost 40% of companies trying to recruit IT professionals in Europe report difficulties in finding skilled workers. Clearly, we have to create the right framework to attract fresh talent to the IT sector, but we must also act urgently to improve the skills and professionalism of the workers already in the sector.

IT Professionalism Europe (“ITPE”) is a network of organisations who are interested in and committed to furthering IT professionalism in Europe and promoting best practice in managing IT staff. The e-CF is a strong component of this and will represent the initial focus of ITPE. IT professionalism encompasses not only competence development, skills frameworks and standards but also key topics such as education and training (certification, qualifications, continuous professional development), professional ethics and bodies of knowledge. 

Initially, at the heart of ITPE will be the e-CF, a new pan-European standard that has become the common language across Europe for IT competences and skills. 

Members will learn how to use the e-CF and other tools like it, how to apply them in their respective companies, and join with organizations that provide tools and services such as competence assessment and certification providers.

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